About Me

Hey there! Encryption has grown to a necessity nowadays because of the security breaches taking place every now and then. And in today’s world of growing technology, there really is a lot of need for encryption of private and confidential data. This data can be either of personal importance or organizational importance but does require encryption to some extent. What actually happens in encryption is that you change the outlook of your data and is converted into some kind of code that can only be decrypted if you have the key or code provided by the one who encrypted the data. Encryption is imperative since it permits you to safely secure information that you don’t need any other person to have admittance to. Everyone has its own purpose for encryption; organizations would use it to ensure corporate privileged insights, governments would likewise aim to secure characterized data, or individuals would prefer to use it to secure personal information like folder contents, containing emails, chat histories, tax information, credit card numbers, or any other sensitive information.

There are a lot of free and paid tools that I have used from time to time to get a hack of what actually is happening while we encrypt anything and how the process is executed. Software being my core field motivates me a lot to dig deeper into things and then analyze according to the true facts. Considering the free software versions; we have LastPass, BitLocker, VeraCrypt, 7Zip, AxCrypt, etc. These would actually convert your file into somewhat zipped file that you can protect via passwords. Choosing a proper password is also very important because if it is not the case even I will be able to hack your file that has simple passwords. The point was, no matter what tool you choose, you have to choose the right password for you that can’t be hacked by any of the available tools. My opinion is that even if you are spending thousands of dollars for encryption of confidential data, then without the adequate knowledge of the system around you, you are actually dumping your money for nothing. This is the motive behind this site; people should not only the best tools for the task but also know the tips and tricks to maximize their investments.

This site will majorly include all the facts about encryption through which you will be able to understand what actually encryption is and how your data is encrypted. When you will know this thing, you can make a better decision for choosing the most suitable tool. Apart from this, you can also find the best software for encryption of your data and this will include both the paid and free tools. But, this also is a fact that you won’t be able to find a perfect tool for free so it is a lot better to go for a paid tool that is fulfilling your maximum needs. I also will be adding tips and tricks while you are using these tools and the method to choose the right passwords for you will also be a major emphasis here. In other words, you will be able to find all about encryption from its major details to minor ones. Stay tuned for more and more.